Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tech Task #13

For this tech task we were to create our own podcast that was between 1-3 minutes. I talked with dean the other night and I asked if it was possible for me to just discuss what my podcast was about and a bit about the process. The reasons for this are because my computer decided to keep losing the my file of my podcast, so I ended up doing it 8 times before I gave up. So instead of stressing myself some more I decided to talk about podcasts. I found a video that tells you exactly how to create a podcast, starting out by telling you what you need to make podcast and how to get the correct software.
Here is the video:

For this tech task I made my podcast resourceful to me personally. I have been reading novels for my english 110 class, and realized that I had to read a novel for my final exam. In hopes of being able to study on the move I decided to begin reading my book so i could put it on my ipod. This will definitly help me because I work so much, so I can just listen to the novel while working instead of sitting down and reading. This is a great resource for me to have as a teacher, because it would allow me to give my students who may struggle with their reading to still listen parts of the book and create less stress for them.

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