Tuesday, April 7, 2009

FInal Project Update!

Hey guys, guess what?? My Wikispace has been updated once again. For my final project I decided to create a wikispace all about photography. Dean said we could use inspiration from another project we were doing in another class, to my advantage I used, like many, EAES 201 Personal Arts Project. My EAES project was learning photography. So i decided, why not create a wikispace using all of my research and putting it all on one page later on for my reference.

Using a wikispace is brand new to me so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for my ECMP class to learn a new technology:P Starting out was a little on the rough side because when it comes to technology, i tend to depend on other people a lot. I am considered "technologically stupid". Aka. why i said earlier in a previous post, that Robin was my life-line this semester lol!. Anyways, so as I began this wikispace I learnt that I am fully capable of learning technology on my own! IMAGINE THAT!!! WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT, ME??? ON MY OWN!!! TECHNOLOGY!!! As you can evidently tell I am very excited to have my independence back:) lol.

A wikispace is very challenging, but very resourceful. I learnt how to embed videos, add pictures, insert links, and even create a table of contens for each individual page. For most, this would be very simple. For me, this was quite challenging. So, I think this project was great for me to learn on my own. My wikispace is not finished, and probably won't ever be because information and technology are constantly changing! So, this page will change also.

Learning the basics of a wikispace was a great project for this last big project. I plan to use this in the future because as an Arts ed teacher, I will need a variety of resources available to me for quick references--photography being one of them.

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  1. Hi Nicole. It's great to hear that you've gained your independance back -- and it's kind of a good thing that you lost it for a little while. It's an experience that I can tell you've grown from. I hope you continue to explore technology and use it in your classroom. Enjoy Easter weekend!