Monday, April 6, 2009

Social Learning

If you are not tired of reading my last post, here is another post to add to those tired eyes of yours:) lol! In this class I have learnt a great deal about talking efficiently with my peers. Although I have not had many replies to my posts, I have had a select few individuals and who brought great insight to my thoughts.

Robin : has taught me not to scare my self so easily with challenging assignments. She was amazingly helpful in all of my progress and I couldn't imagine getting the same experience I did without her! Even in class, she was the first to get grab a link or answer a question for someone. Thank you Robin for all of your help this semester!!!:) You were my life line:)

I have learnt a great deal also from reading Robin's posts. Some are just a simple photo with a bit of insight, the others are random bits of information or tech tasks. I have learnt that tasking risks is all about the experience. It is not really an experience without the risk. Another way that I have learnt through social learning is being online for class. Most of the time it was just sitting and listening to insightful conversations about a wide variety of topics. We had guest speakers and fantastic presentations from teachers all over the place! As a teacher it is important to recieve and give feedback!! Just because we are teachers, this does not mean we stop learning. For example:

Wikispace Update:
Robin Howell said...
Oooh, Nicole! Your wiki looks so good - I'm so happy you figured out how to change the Look and Feel; it makes a huge difference. Are you planning on adding more pages? I guess a better question is; what is your end goal for your wiki?

Having this feedback encouraged and motivated me to continue with my final project. But one thing you might not know just by reading this post, is that she had just finished helping me that night with my wikispace and giving me some good pointers, OUTSIDE OF CLASS!! Then she was more than willing to follow-up with me and let me know that I was getting the hang of this. This was important to me because that night I was really frustrated with myself and techology in general lol!

I have learned a great deal from Robin, as well as from reading my fellow peers' blogs. I did not comment as much as I would have liked, but most of the time reading was all i needed to get me thinking. I was a little disappointed that people did not comment on my blogs as much as I had hoped, but o well. Even if my social learning was considerably small, I have learnt a great deal about others as well as myself!


  1. Robin is awesome, there's no doubt about that. I also think I haven't commented on as many blogs as I should've. I remember you telling me what you were working on a wikispace in Dance class, but if it wasn't for face to face contact I might have never known what you were up to (my lack of blog interaction, sorry). I'm gonna try to bookmark it on Delicious (if I can find out how to...:P) Great work Nicole,I think learning about yourself is crucial for a teacher, you'll never stop learning.

  2. Aw, Nicole *blushes* Thanks for the raving review, but it was really no problem. This stuff comes pretty easily to me, so teaching others helped me learn to be a better teacher. I wasn't lying when I said your wikispace was great - it is! And it was all you :)

    @Mickey; email/Skype me if you need help with Delicious. I did a Skype call with my mentorship class and taught them all about it.