Thursday, February 26, 2009

Final Project in the making...

Hey guys, so i have decided on what i am going to for my final project...i think. I am thinking of setting up a wikispace about photography. I am hoping it can be used by anyone who is thinking about starting photography. It will consist of the basic concepts of photography as well as what makes a good photo. I Have never set up a Wikispace page before so any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone has any good ideas or thoughts about my idea please share them...Everytime i post a comment about my final project i will leave a link so that you guys can see my progress. So please keep replying give comments on my wiki space and don't be afraid to be harsh and mean. I can take it:P Its called a learning experience for a reason right? Wikispace

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mind Blown...

So I was just catching up on reading my classmates blogs, and I came across Marcy's Blog. I watched her Mastercard commercial video, and my jaw dropped. We had the exact same concept, and believe it or not, the same exact music for the background. I cannot believe it!!! I just want to make it clear that i made this video without seeing her video, because i JUST watched it literally 10 minutes ago. I immediately skyped Dean Shareski about this situation, and all he had to say was "great minds think alike." Then he suggested i watch a certain video on youtube that might make me not feel so horrible, and this actually can happen to certain people with similar minds. Please watch this video. And marcy, i apologize if you thought i stole your idea!!! I got my idea because on sunday my boyfriends cat had to be put down, so thats all i could think about. So i created the video hoping to create something sentimental. Here is the suggested video...It is a hyperlink because the embedding option is disable upon request. Derren Brown-Subliminal Advertising

Monday, February 23, 2009

Tech task #10

For this task, our assignment was to choose 4 photos that we think best describe ourselves. These photos that i have chosen are things that are very dear to my heart. My love of nature- i love the environment and do my best to take care of the world around me. Knowing who i am- it is important to me to know where I stand as an individual and standing up for what I believe in. Music that sings my soul-- I use music to help me cope with any issues or situations that come my way. Lyrics are a way i communicate with others, and it allows me to express myself without even speaking. Lastly, discovering the roads untraveled--exploring the unknown and taking risks, are what life is about. I try not to let things get me down, even when the roads are not always a postive experience. I try to take things one thing at a time, and learn from any mistakes I make in the process...

Tech Task #9

For this task our assignment was to create a mastercard priceless moment video using only four images. I have chosen this because sometimes our pets can drive us nuts, but if any one has ever lost a pet, you begin to realize that you would rather have those crappy moments then not have them at all. So here is my video and let me know what you guys think...

Tech Task #8

Sorry, i have been a little behind on my tech tasks. For this task we were told to come to class and be prepared to talk about a TED talk that we had watched recently. We were seperated into small groups and we each talked for a few minutes about what our video was about. I watched a video call Robert Lang's TED talk on Origami.
It discusses the concept that with any idea and a square piece of paper, you can make a beautiful origami. This is done by using math and engineering techniques to create really cool designs.

As our groups talked, i became intrigued with Robbie's video, Jill Bolte Taylor: My strike of insight.
I found it very interesting that a scientist could experience something they new so much about. She was able to experience and watch her functions decrease, and yet able to understand how and why it was occuring. I think this is a great story to be heard, and that everyone should definitly watch this video. Thanks Robbie!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Enjoyable reading week

This week my boy friend came home from saskatoon. He has gone up there for school (engineering) so i don't get to see him very often lately. So it was nice just to hang out again like old times, and just catch up on old times. We had a very laid back valentines day. Which was great because not all valentines days' need to be big romantic gestures. Sometimes even the small things like sitting on the couch and watching a movie is an easy way to spend valuable time with a loved one. I think in this overall experience of him moving away for school has shown us how to appreciate the small gestures or actions, like holding hands, or a simple kiss on the cheek when its unexpected.
As the week progressed, i woke up with a bad eye infection. My boyfriend immediately offered to drive me to the doctor even when he had his first chance to sleep in. I did feel guilty but he just wanted to make sure i was okay and healthy. A relationship is meant to be an experience where you finally want to put someone before yourself. I am just very happy that he is here, you know we have been dating over 3 years already!!!:)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Harsh Reality

As most people know i work at a group home for people with intellectual and/or physical disabilities. Well i was working this weekend, and the individuals i work with cannot understand any basic understandings past the age level of a 5 year-old. Well, at work we received a phone call telling us that one of our residents' father passed away two days ago of two brain aneurysms. When i got this phone call, i realized that telling this news to my resident would mean nothing to her since she cannot understand something so tragic. This really got me thinking about what the life of an individual with an intellectual disability. This resident will never understand death, or the happiness of accomplishment for that matter. Maybe this individual is lucky to never have to experience those feelings of loss or tragedy. Then again, she is missing out on the opportunity of experience and happiness.
Another thing to consider is the fact that it is common for individuals in group homes not to have their families involved in their life. This resident has not seen her family in over a decade, and the first time they want to see her now is because her mother is in town for the funeral. I don't want to be mean or judgemental because i know life can be rough, and it would be hard to deal with that situation. But i honestly do not think it would be that hard to be part of your daughters life, even if its a visit once a week, or simple phone call to check in on how your daughter or sister is doing? I mean is that a lot to ask of family??? I find it hard to see this reality and accept it for what it is.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bad Sense of Humour

I was browsing youtube the other day and i came across a video of a baby laughing and clips of people falling or getting hurt really bad. I find this video hilarious, and i know i am a horrible person because i find it just as funny as the baby seems to find it. Please tell me what you guys think, or if you recommend any videos please do. Here is the link...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Who else hates stupid drivers?

I was driving on the ring today (people from regina know this road all to well), and i couldn't believe how some people even managed to recieve their license?! I mean changing lanes without signal, getting as close to your bumper as possible just to piss you off, those slow grannies out there who don't know where the gas pedal is, etc... But the thing i still cannot wrap my mind around is those drivers who always seem to find a way to get into the ditch. No matter how nice it outside drivers still find a way!!! HOW?!?!?! Personally i think people drive just to piss others off, no purpose or place to go, they just drive for the sake of making someone's day horrible. Well to all those people who do this, you have made my day off to a great start!! So thank you.

Does anyone have any good stupid driver experiences? Please share them with me so i do not feel so alone and targeted. Thanks

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Mentorship experience in the making....

I am really looking forward to my mentorship experiencee in the two classrooms i have chosen. I have chosen an interesting selection based on my background and personal experience. One class is ELA gr. 7 for the learning disabled, and the other is ELA 9-12 where english is a second language to the students. I have been in contact with these teachers in hopes of becoming a great mentor for their students. The plans so far have been arranged that i am to meet a select few students on thursday through Skype and the other class plans are still in progress.

I am also setting up another blog for the students of the gr 7 class for those with the learning disabilities because i feel this may make it easier for the students to keep track of blogs directed only at them rather then them getting confused on my posts/assignments that they know nothing about. I am so excited for this mentorship i can't tell you guys enough.

Is anyone else having as much success as i am? I am so excited and thrilled to take part in such a wonderful and most beneficial experience! I'll keep you guys up to date on my experience so keep reading!!!