Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tech Task #15

This is an image of my map from google earth. These are the most recent places I have been lately, but this doesn't mean you should stock me. I avoided giving any details of who I am or where i work so i did not include those places.

Tech Task #14

For this tech task, we were told to find two podcasts (1-educational, and the 2nd-interesting to us). For my educational podcast I choose Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing. This is a great podcast because it gives you a simple overview on basic concepts that are easily misinterpreted or misunderstood. This is good for me because sometimes I can forget even simple grammar stuff as I write my essays or assignments. Having these podcasts handy will be a good resource for me to have on my Ipod touch during my daily routine. The other podcast I have selected is The Best of Youtube. I am a huge fan of youtube so having the popular videos at hand is great entertainment for me. I don't know about other people, but I get horribly bored in some of my classes (not this one of course;)), but I do, so I use these videos to help me pass the time. Let me know what you guys think?!?!

Tech Task #12

Hey guys, so I have noticed that I am a few Tech tasks behind. Here is number 12. This task asked for us to find a video that incorporates the elements of a good movie, including shots, angles and production value. We were to post it the link on our blog and write a short review. Well here is my embedded link. Even though this video is definitly different, and animated, it still incorporates the elements of a good movie. You see a wide variety of angles, as well as a cute little story. I am curious as to what inspired this video artist, but in conclusion I think the individual who created this video understood the concept of what makes a good movie besides its story line.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Virtual Hair Cut

Hey guys, a friend of mine suggested this site to me because it's really neat!! Its called a virtual hair cut. It is based on full audio through headphones (headphones are a must!!). Everyone definitly needs to listen to this because its amazing how the brain works and picks up a sound and knows exactly where it is coming from. Please do this! You will find this very cool i PROMISE!!:) If you listen to this you must have headphones, and you MUST close your eyes during the whole thing. Sit comfortable, and upright (not lying down on your bed). Make sure your surroundings are quiet so you hear nothing else but what is on the headphones. This is soooo cool so please listen to virtual hair cut and tell me what you guys think!!! Here is the link... Virtual Hair Cut

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wikispace update

Hey guys, so I have been working more on my final project the last few days and I think I am doing it properly! I added some information that I found online as well as a few photos for illustrations. I also figured out how to imbed a video onto my wikispace. I am excited to see that my page is developing slowly, but if anyone has any ideas or suggestions please let me know!!!!

Creating a wikispace has created some stress in my life, but i think it might be good stress. Learning new things, especially technology related, scares the crap out of me!! I tend to depend on a lot of feedback from other people because i care a lot about what others think. So for me to work on something so brand new to me is very intense and scary. It has taught me that i am capable of learning and trying something new on my own. Its not so scary once you get to learn the new territory and experience it on my own. I still have a lot to work on since i am a perfectionist at heart.

Please feel free to give me feedback or any comments on my wikispace. I could use all the help that I can get!!!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mentorship Update

Hey guys, just wanted to give you an update on how my mentorship is going. As most know I am only working with one classroom right now. I am working with George Mayo and his gr. 7 esl classroom (english as a second language). I have been assigned to 3 students who have been asking me a series of questions about anything. This has been a great experience for me. It is very interesting when reading their comments,because sometimes it is very difficult to understand their sentences sometimes. I catch my self editing their posts because english is still really new to them so they do not understand simple sentence structure. Being exposed to this has allowed me to see and consider the different possibilities of how students learn. Each student is unique in their own way, and this mentorship
is a great way to connect and see things from the students' perspective. Here is the link to my mentorship blog where you can view their comments as well as my posts. Mentorship09

Thursday, March 5, 2009

This SOO Cute!!!

A friend of mine just suggested I watch this youtube video, because supposedly its a "nicole video". So I decided to watch it because my day has not been the greatest, and I really needed something to lighten it back up. Once I watched this video I couldn't help but smile, simply because that is all you can do once you watch it. It looks stupid, but its quite cute!! So, if you are having a bad day, I hope I can make it a little better. Enjoy guys!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

50 Ways to tell a story

Here is my 50 ways to tell a story video that i created using ImageLoop. I thought this was really cool because it allowed me to put all my images that i got from flickr, and organize them into on structured format. I was able to add music and text into the slideshow.The effectiveness of this in communicating would be that you can use each way of telling a story in a unique way. The also allows the opportunity to express oneself in the most efficient way that works for them. Enjoy!

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